Friday, March 28, 2008

Locherber - foundation and eye shadow

I decided to have a big clear out of my very old foundation and indulge in the rare luxury of buying a new one.

Browsing in a shop one day I noticed a range I've not seen before. Locherber is part of an Italian company called Cosval, although it originally started more than a hundred years ago in Switzerland as a family business.

So I indulged in Soft Foundation, colour Desert Sand.

The description on the side says:

"Very light, oil-free and covering fluid foundation for the most natural look and a firm finish. Rich in IRWINOL (wild African mango butter extract). UV sun filter."

And I think it is fair to say it is all those things.

There isn't a vast product range - there is only one other colour, Light Tan.

Cost: €18 for 35ml.

In the mood for splashing out, I also bought some Pearl Eyeshadow Mousse. Again, the choice of colours was limited - white, pink, violet and bronze. I went for bronze, I don't know if lilac would have been better.

It does have a nice consistency - but for me it is too pearly. Either it is aimed at someone way younger, or with a totally different skin colour. But I've never been a fan of heavily pearlised eye shadow.

So it's nice if you like shiny eyelids.

Cost: €12 for 4ml. A little goes a long long way.

Locherber is available throughout Europe and by mail order.