Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wet n Wild eyeliner pencil

I travelled home a few months ago.I usually buy only Indian eyeliners and knew I would stock up when I got there but I needed something in case I needed to pretty up on the flight.So that meant it had to be something cheap.And my sense of cheap is far higher than the average individual.

I ended up buying this Wet n Wild because it was .99 cents.I am now addicted.
The black had depth to it,it was dark and smooth while applying.

Wet n Wild lip liner-Brandy Wine

Lately Wet n Wild has been in all the fashion magazines and its one of the few where you get a quality product at dirt cheap prices.

This lipliner was featured in two fashion/beauty spreads and this seemed to be the color of choice.I had to buy it!

It stays on long and feels very creamy

At .99 cents its a fantastic buy

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mac Concealer-select cover-up

I am always on the lookout for a great concealer.I have horrible under eye shadows.I am also not willing to spend more than $10.00

I wandered into Saks 5th avenue-the outlet store, one day.They had a few MAC concealers and they were all priced at $10.00 so I moved forward after seeing that !

This was a perfect cover for my under eye circles.It looked natural and blended in beautifully,a very velvety smooth texture.

It is normally priced at $15.50 on the Mac website

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More shower gel

On going to my usual stockist for some Weleda gel I was disappointed to find out they were out of stock.

I decided to try out the range in Marks and Spencer. Apart from anything else they are half the price of the Weleda products and they have recently been awarded a Cruelty Free logo for some of their products.

So I thought lemon for him and magnolia for me.

Verdict - good value for money.

The lemon smells particularly nice and refreshing first thing in the morning. I've already bought a second one.

The magnolia doesn't capture the heady scent of a magnolia flower, but it is ok. Probably a bit too bland for me so I'm unlikely to buy it again.

I have bought a new aloe vera gel though which is very good. Smells green and definitely of aloe vera. It was also on promotion at the time so only cost me £1.50. No pictures available though.

On-line shopping available here.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Locherber - foundation and eye shadow

I decided to have a big clear out of my very old foundation and indulge in the rare luxury of buying a new one.

Browsing in a shop one day I noticed a range I've not seen before. Locherber is part of an Italian company called Cosval, although it originally started more than a hundred years ago in Switzerland as a family business.

So I indulged in Soft Foundation, colour Desert Sand.

The description on the side says:

"Very light, oil-free and covering fluid foundation for the most natural look and a firm finish. Rich in IRWINOL (wild African mango butter extract). UV sun filter."

And I think it is fair to say it is all those things.

There isn't a vast product range - there is only one other colour, Light Tan.

Cost: €18 for 35ml.

In the mood for splashing out, I also bought some Pearl Eyeshadow Mousse. Again, the choice of colours was limited - white, pink, violet and bronze. I went for bronze, I don't know if lilac would have been better.

It does have a nice consistency - but for me it is too pearly. Either it is aimed at someone way younger, or with a totally different skin colour. But I've never been a fan of heavily pearlised eye shadow.

So it's nice if you like shiny eyelids.

Cost: €12 for 4ml. A little goes a long long way.

Locherber is available throughout Europe and by mail order.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sheer Cover concealer

I have horrible dark circles under my eyes.I have tried all kinds of products but they dont seem to work.I finally got sucked in by the Sheer Cover infomercial.I did a lot of research about them and ended up with the info on the scams.

So decided to go on ebay and check .I came across a Guthy Renker store selling it.Its a little expensive...... about $16 for a 30 day supply but it works.I am not sure if it will cover birth marks etc but it covers up my dark circles very well!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Creamy body washes - Weleda

I have a thrifty gripe about shower gels. I think they are far more expensive than using soap.

However one day I succombed to the endless moans from my husband and decided to buy some. Very grudgingly, as I considered it to be expensive - well, at least compared with a bar of soap.

The bar of soap is still sitting in the bottom of the shower and we have now gone through three or four of these "Creamy Body Wash" products by Weleda. That's between two of us over five or six months.

There are three in the range, Citrus, Sea Buckthorn, and Wild Rose.

The Citrus smells very lemony and is great for waking you up. It contains organic essential oils of lemon and orange, and organic sesame oil with vitamin E.

Apparently lemon oil helps with concentration (do I need that), and encourages lymph and blood circulation. It's also a natural disinfectant with antiviral properties.

Sea Buckthorn (whatever that is) smells of oranges. According to the blurb, the body wash contains anti-oxidant rich biodynamic Sea Buckthorn Oil, blended with oranges and grapefruit from essential oils. It works to revitalise and nourish the skin.

I've not tried the Rose one, although I have used the soap which smells wonderful. (I'll do a soap review later). This one is based on Rosehip Seed (Rosa Moschata) Oil blended with organic essential oil of damask rose. It contains vitamins A, B, and E, and essential fatty acids which are great for dry skin and also good for harmonising the balance in normal skin.

Anyway, the Citrus and the Sea Buckthorn are truly gorgeous and definitely very creamy. I finally managed to work out that if you rub the wash onto your body before you get wet - it goes much further. Having looked at the websites, many of them also recommend this.

I think they smell delicious, and feel very luxurious. I walk out of the shower feeling very pampered, so to me they are worth the money, despite my inherent dislike of shower gels.

Incidentally, Weleda products seem to be available worldwide by mail order at vastly varying prices. I've found this at £5.95 UK and $15 on American sites. I pay more than £5.95 in Gibraltar, but in Spain I get it for an equivalent price in euros, say seven or eight euros.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Infomercial Scams

I love watching infomercials and am always tempted to buy them.Thankfully the 3,5,9 payments of $99.00 each puts me of !!
If I really want the product I go on ebay to buy them.
I am glad I do that as I came across this website.
Please make sure to get an fair opinion by reading the complaints and the defence

Monday, December 10, 2007

La Prairie Skin Caviar-Eye cream

This is not my normal pick for eye cream but I got a free sample and I used it.

This costs approx $275.00 a jar.

It feels heavy but worked really well on my eyes.

This is what the cream is supposed to do

It targets the seven most prominent eye areas: fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, loss of elasticity, puffiness, dark under eye circles and dryness.
Uses advanced technology to help firm, lift and restore skin's youthful appearance
Helps firm and nourish with Caviar Extracts and La Prairie's exclusive Cellular Complex

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Laura Gellar spackle:under makeup primer

My best friend sent this to me for my birthday and I love it!
Its Laura Gellers spackle.It works wonders with makeup.I use it after applying moisturiser and then apply the foundation on top.The spackle makes your face ready for foundation,it smoothes out your skin.Its oil free and holds makeup in place.My makeup slides off my face so I always have to re-apply but this should solve my problem