Thursday, October 25, 2007

Loreal Bare naturale makeup

I absolutely love Bare Minerals makeup but it is so expensive to buy. I also want to be able to buy it off a shelf instead off ordering it from a website since I am so impatient!!!

I decided to try Loreals Bare Naturale makeup since it is in a powder type format as opposed to liquid.My entire makeup slips off in a few hours as I have oily skin and powder type makeup tends to stay on a little bit longer.

I bought a shade that matched my wrist and when I came home and tried it.....I was white as a ghost so I returned it and bought a few shades darker.It was the shade my skin would be in winter so I kept it and bought one shade darker than that.It was still not quite my perfect shade so I went ahead and bit the bullet and bought the darkest shade on the list.Well,guess what...its a perfect match which brings me to my next question,what do women who are darker than me do ?

I love the finish of the makeup and it stays on a lot longer than most other make-up.I love the brush it comes with.My only complaint would be that I need more space to swirl the brush in the powder with.I may need a tray to do this.This would be product I would recommend.

It sells for approx $12.00 at walmart

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Beauty tips

Jessica,a reader sent in a tip sometime back and I have been lazy about posting it.I tried it and I was amazed.Jessica uses hair conditioner when shaving legs.I ran out of shaving gel a few weeks back and used conditioner insead.I was so impressed.It makes your leg so soft

I hate it when my shoes chafe near the toe and leaves blisters behind.I have always read that when you apply oil,it solves the problem.This week I wore high heels out.As soon as I wore my shoes I knew I would have blisters so I rubbed some Vaseline.......helped somewhat but my skin absorbed it very quick so I put some baby oil on it and believe me it worked.I have read that normal oil helps too so whatever is convenient !!!!

I bought an beauty e-doc off ebay a while back and want to share it with you.It has stuff like making soap,lip balms etc etc.There are three documents and they are huge(One is 619 kb,559 kb and 434 kb).So please email me at and I will email them to you or leave me your email in the comments section


You know me really well by now and you know that I like stuff really cheap.
Hold that thought........
We generally fly by Delta anywhere we go.On the international segments the little toiletries bag that they give you contains L'Occitane products.Thats when I fell in love.
I did try shopping for them but they are so high.But Luck was on my side.We have a local store that buys overstock etc and they had over a million lipbalms,hand cream etc.Obviously unloaded by Delta.The expiry date is next year so I stocked up.I wont need any for a long time !!

Shea Butter Lip Balm Stick $10.00
It is so moisturising and helps with dry lips.I always keep one in all my bags.

Shea Butter Mini Hand Cream $10.00
This is a best seller
Cream glides on and miraculously absorbs to help heal and protect dry or dehydrated skin. believe me these are not empty promises,I like washing dishes by hand sometimes and I hate the dry look but this cream gets rid of it really quickly!

I have seen some sellers on ebay selling them but please check on the expiry date if you plan on buying some on ebay.