Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wet n Wild eyeliner pencil

I travelled home a few months ago.I usually buy only Indian eyeliners and knew I would stock up when I got there but I needed something in case I needed to pretty up on the flight.So that meant it had to be something cheap.And my sense of cheap is far higher than the average individual.

I ended up buying this Wet n Wild because it was .99 cents.I am now addicted.
The black had depth to it,it was dark and smooth while applying.

Wet n Wild lip liner-Brandy Wine

Lately Wet n Wild has been in all the fashion magazines and its one of the few where you get a quality product at dirt cheap prices.

This lipliner was featured in two fashion/beauty spreads and this seemed to be the color of choice.I had to buy it!

It stays on long and feels very creamy

At .99 cents its a fantastic buy

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mac Concealer-select cover-up

I am always on the lookout for a great concealer.I have horrible under eye shadows.I am also not willing to spend more than $10.00

I wandered into Saks 5th avenue-the outlet store, one day.They had a few MAC concealers and they were all priced at $10.00 so I moved forward after seeing that !

This was a perfect cover for my under eye circles.It looked natural and blended in beautifully,a very velvety smooth texture.

It is normally priced at $15.50 on the Mac website