Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mistry Neemee shampoo & conditioner

Thanks Vintage Bunny for letting me guest blog on here.

I bought a new shampoo a while ago which I thought was reasonably priced (£2.99). As it seems to be available in Australia, Canada, the Middle East, India, and the USA, I thought it was worthwhile sharing it. I have paid a lot more for mediocre shampoos so I thought this was a good buy.

When I am in Spain, I have good hair days. I spend a lot of time outdoors, my hair dries naturally outside, and the water - although hard - is not too bad. In Gibraltar I live in a flat so end up inside, the water is desalinated, and as it is a city there is more pollution - especially if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction bringing all the chemicals from the oil refinery just over the border in Spain. Similar problems to the ones I experienced in the UK - and resulting in gloomy droopy hair.

So I was well surprised that this shampoo smells fresh, gives a good lather, and leaves my long hair glossy, wavy, and thick (as much as it ever is) for quite a few days.

It also ticked a lot of boxes for me, which is why I tried it. It is:
*free from artificial perfumes and colours
*contains no animal derived ingredient
*free from detergent soaps
*it has a not tested on animals symbol
*for every sale it donates money to two charities.

Here is their site.

Based on this, I will be trying more of their products.

Friday, November 2, 2007


So after buying a dozen bottles of BareNaturale and none of them matching my skin tone what does a person do ?Look for a tray to blend the shades in .....

I looked at plates and little lids at the grocery store but nothing would suffice.As a last resort I looked at my kitchen cabinet.Thankfully I found these Tupperware plates.They work perfectly to mix and blend foundations in and they clean up really well.
Wonder what Tupperware will think of that!